Specialty Barge Services

Aggregate Transportation – Westar has barges to handle 6,200 short tons of sand, rock, gypsum or other bulk materials on San Francisco Bay. Our Rock Barges can be used for lightering ships at anchor or for moving aggregate from one terminal to another.

Fresh Water Barges – Westar has barges equipped to deliver 300 tons of fresh water. The water is loaded onto the barges at Pier 50, and the barge is then towed to a vessel for offloading.

Barge Chartering – Westar’s fleet of flat deck barges are available for both short-term and long-term charters. Westar will provide tug services for delivery and redelivery of barges.

Alcatraz Barges – Westar provides monthly barge service to Alcatraz for the National Park Service and other barge runs for various construction projects, movie, television, catering, and entertainment industry projects.

Fireworks Barges – Westar has the only Coast Guard approved fireworks loading facility on San Francisco Bay. Our barge fleet provides numerous choices for our customers’ needs.

Garbage Barges – Westar can remove garbage and hazardous materials from ships at anchor. All waste is properly recycled or disposed of in accordance with all government regulations. Our barges can also transfer containerized garbage or recyclables from and to various locations on the San Francisco Bay.

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