Warehouse Services


Westar offers warehousing/storage services at San Francisco Piers 50 and 48-1/2 for our customers. Our 20,000 square foot warehouse facility has two loading bays for deliveries. We can accommodate oversized, odd-shaped, and unique loads. Outdoors there is 55,000 square feet of secure space for storing larger items that do not need shelter from the elements.

With three cranes and three forklifts for transferring loads as needed, any truck can be offloaded without making it to the loading bay. Our 1,500 linear foot. dock enables us to easily load and offload our vessels to and from the warehouse for storage. Frozen and chilled stores can be kept in our refrigerated and frozen containers that meet the standard for food grade storage. We offer cost-effective freight forwarding service to customers that meet the most challenging freight shipping requirements.

Our shipping and receiving employees track all freight moving through our facility, consolidating and repacking loads from several vendors that are destined for one vessel. All deliveries are shrink-wrapped for weather conditions such as rain or spray. Westar is committed to the best possible care of all items and cargos we handle.

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